Date: 04.15.10
Author: Todd
Title: Deathwish Skateboard Shank Cruiser Deck

We just got a bunch of new Deathwish decks (skateboards) and a few tees. One of the highlights rounding out the Deathwish cruiser boards is the Shank Cruiser. It's a cruiser deck shaped like a shank, Deathwish is always coming up with new and awesome ideas (some not endorsed by all, but funny just the same). The Deathwish Skateboard Shank Cruiser deck is a size 7.75" X 33.5", good size for a cruiser deck.

Come by the shop and check this out along with all the other new Deatwish products, or check us out on the web at www.blindsidelayton.com, or give us a call at 801.593.9300.

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