Date: 10.26.10
Author: CAM
Title: KROOK3D

Well it's here and it's been here all weekend long and its in 3D. Yep, the Krooked Team skating SF, NY, DC and many other places in 3D. And if you can't handle the 3D all the time you can even watch it in 2D with most of the same tricks just some new fun angles to keep your mind guessing. Even though its in 3d its just like an other krooked video (awesome) its gonna make you want to skate and have fun. There are no specific parts just skating. And a lot of it. The Krook3D features the Talents of Mark Gonzales, Bobby Worrest, Mike Anderson, Dan Drehobl, David Clark, Brad Cromer, and Luke Croker. So come by the shop and check it out.It also has some awesome bonus footage like a Van Wastell part.


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